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February Blog
2/13/2018 9:07:24 AM
"Love never Fails" is a phrase from the Bible that we all should set as the standard for our personal and business relationships. It is always best to look for the good in all people-even those that don't act good.

A kind word, a good deed, random acts of generosity-all make for a better world in which to live. Our Lord Jesus set the best example when He said to, "Love the Lord thy God with all you heart, mind, body and soul; then love you neighbor as yourself."  That is a hard act to follow!!

During this special time, we should all look for ways to show our love for those close to us. Then show kindness and charity to all, at work, at church, while shopping, and at every occasion. By giving good things, we set the stage to receive good things in return.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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